Sustainable Biodiesel Summit: San Antonio


The 2007 SBS is coming up on February 4th in San Antonio. The SBS provides a wealth of information for those interested in the biodiesel market both in how it’s distributed and how to produce it yourself.

“One of the goals of the SBS is to foster the environmental sustainability of the biodiesel industry. Initiatives include supporting smaller, local production using regional feedstocks, encouraging local ownership of production and distribution, increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in production, and diversifying feedstocks.”

Pre-paid tickets are going for $100 per person, which includes all the seminars and organic food you can handle.


2 Responses to “Sustainable Biodiesel Summit: San Antonio”

  1. Bloggers for Positive Global Change at Glittering Muse Says:

    […] writes about the Sustainable BioDiesel Summit. Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  2. MIG Welding Techniques Says:

    “Energy companies could hit the governor’s target,” said Bob Epstein, co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs, “by dedicating 800,000 acres of farmland in the San Joaquin and Imperial valleys to sugar cane, sugar beets, sorghum grass and other ethanol sources. That could displace 80 percent of the alfalfa grown in California, but it’s only 3 percent of the state’s 26.4 million acres of farmland.”

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